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Meet the women behind some of the brands in our WomenLed Collective

Meet The Creatives: Meet the women behind some of the brands in our WomenLed Collective and what inspires them….

Emmy Scarterfield, Founder and Creative Director of Emmy London

Each pair of Emmy London shoes is the product of hours of sketching in the studio by Emmy.

What inspires you? “Everything around me and places I go, it’s more about experiences rather than very tangible, predictable references. Essentially, I tend to be inspired by the things I love, and I hope that other people love them too.”

Hetal Patel, Founder of VAAI

Hetal has always used style and the clothes she wears as a way to express the creative side of my personality. And what started out as a personal project to design and create dresses for her daughters has grown into a thriving business.

What inspires you? “Everything around me – architecture, art, the world and its people.”

Tonya Kidd-Beggs, Founder of Stories Parfums

Passionate about helping women find their voices through the art of perfumery, Tonya’s hope is that her fragrance creations will help others connect with their memories and emotions in a way that brings joy and wellbeing for our present and inspires hope for our future.

What inspires you? “My children seeing their mother’s dream become a reality.”

Maria Tibblin, Founder of Maria Tibblin Ltd

After a long international career within the medical and healthcare industry, Maria decided to follow her inner passion for design and atmosphere. She now creates sustainable, inspiring environments with a keen focus on all five senses.

What inspires you? “My two daughters, music & nature.”

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