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What helped set our members on their path to success… Part one

Experiences That Shape Us: Most leaders have an experience or early memory that has shaped their career journey. We caught up with a few of our members to find out what helped set them on their path to success…

Vicktesha Cunningham, Founder of Vtessia Cosmetics

“Growing up in Jamaica, most Saturdays I would accompany my grandparents to the markets to sell fruit and vegetables. This experience helped build and nourish the woman I am today. Selling in markets also inspired my entrepreneurial spirit and taught me about business.”

Kate Bright, Founder and CEO of UMBRA International Group

“My father and mother both came from very humble beginnings. Seeing the hard work my father put into his business through the various recessions in the 80s and 90s, and seeing him being awarded an OBE for his efforts when I was 10 years old, was a real inspiration about what happens when you put your mind to working diligently and with purpose.”

Debbie Trumper, Founder of Debbie Trumper Consultancy

“As well as being loved and cared for unconditionally, I was also taught from a very young age to value and respect everything and everybody.”

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for the latest event news, business advice and inspiration.

for the latest event news, business advice and inspiration