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What helped set our members on their path to success… Part two

Experiences That Shape Us: In the second installment of experiences that shape us, we asked a few of our members to find out what helped set them on their path to success…

Diana Verde Nieto, Founder of Positive Luxury
“Growing up in Argentina with my Grandparents who encouraged me to become independent from an early age. However, one of my earliest memories would be when my pet donkey, Raphael, died after eating the butter from the fridge (including the plastic wrapper). I guess you could say this ignited the sustainability passion within me.”

Karen Sirett-Kelly, Founder of ESM
“When I was only 10 months old my parents moved from their lifelong home in London to the beautiful north coast of Cornwall, as they wanted me to have the opportunity to grow up in the countryside with access to the coast and wide open natural spaces. This move took a great deal of sacrifice and life was not easy with many financial struggles along the way, but this taught me resilience and how that to reap great benefits you need to work hard and take a few risks!”

Wizz Selvey, Founder of WIZZ&CO
“Learning the value of money. I started a jewellery business when I was nine, selling at parties to friends. My parents taught me how to use my takings to buy more materials with a simple P&L notebook. I was eager to start working and had a paper round at age 12 and worked in a sports shop from age 14 for £20 a day.”

We are very honoured to have these fantastic women as founding members of our WomenLed Collective. Want to tell our community your story your way? Apply to list your business and become part of our WomenLed collective HERE.


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for the latest event news, business advice and inspiration