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Why it is important to buy from businesses with a woman at the helm

SUPPORTING WOMENLED BUSINESS: We spoke to some of our members about why it is so important for us to use the power of our purses and buy from businesses with a woman at the helm, taking women supporting women to a whole new level.

Stella Kamba, Founder of More Life Adventures

“It is important that women come together to support one another and their respective businesses. Being a part of a community helps strengthens our voices, but also gives us more autonomy.“

Sarah Haran, Founder of Sarah Haran

“It is absolutely essential to support women-led businesses. Our future depends on getting as many women as possible in work creating businesses that fulfill their dreams and add to the economy. I think the future is now and women have so much to contribute. It’s our time!”

Karen Sirett-Kelly, Founder of ESM

“Women have so many roles to play in society, so to take on yet another as a business leader is a mountain to climb, so support is all the more important.”

We are very honoured to have these fantastic women as founding members of our WomenLed Collective. Want to tell our community your story your way? List your business today to become part of our collective, click HERE


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