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Meet Some of Our Homeware Experts

Meet three of the women behind some of the homeware brands in our WomenLed Collective and find out what the highlights of their business journey’s have been so far…

Whitney Hawkings, Founder of FLOWERBX

“I am so lucky that my entire career has been a highlight, but one of the most pivotal points was getting hired, straight out of school, by Tom Ford. Ironically, I think the second highlight was making the extremely difficult decision to leave my dream job as SVP of Communications for TOM FORD for the unknown and launch FLOWERBX.”

Stephanie Betts, Founder of Josephine Home with Draper London

“Over 10 years, we have had more highlights than I could list, but some of the most memorable ones were getting a call on Boxing Day from the drummer of Guns’n Roses to ask about our thread-count (we were all in bed, with our two toddlers having a giggle…thinking it was a practical joke from a friend of ours.) Another was to wake up to find that Lucia van der Post in the luxury column of the Financial Times’ How to Spend it had written a piece on Josephine Home, calling us the ‘Chanel No.5 of bedlinen.’ Other exciting moments included supplying a number of the most famous singers, actors, sportsmen/women you can think of! We are always thrilled to be asked, but remain reluctant to overshare – so the secrets stay with us. Sorry!”

Anita Kaushal, Founder of Mauli Rituals

“Every day brings an opportunity for external and internal growth and I see the highs and lows as interconnected and am grateful for it all. If I have to pinpoint I’d say the first high was our first online order and the more recent has been working with artisans in India and seeing the charity we are about to support through the brand.”

We are very honoured to have these fantastic women as founding members of our WomenLed Collective. Want to tell our community your story your way? List your business today to become part of our collective, click HERE.


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for the latest event news, business advice and inspiration