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Our Top Food & Beverage WomenLed Brands

WOMENLED FOOD & BEVERAGE EDIT: We’re honoured to have some of the UK’s most remarkable and sustainable food & beverage brands as our members. Here are some of the products at the top of our list this Festive Season…

▫️ Thomson & Scott Ltd – Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé

Founded by Amanda Thomson, Thomson & Scott leading the global transparency in wine movement one beautiful organic, vegan sparkling bottle at a time.

▫️ Healthy Nibbles – Holiday Bliss Hamper

Founded by Sara Roberts, Healthy Nibbles UK’s award-winning answer to healthy snacking.

▫️ KALEIDO – Christmas Roll

Founded by Laura Mimoun, KALEIDO has reinvented the most boring, but healthiest food of all: the salad.

▫️ The Red Beetle – 2015 Limited Edition Satin Balsamic Food Condiment 100ML

Founded by Deborah Parietti, The Red Beetle personally source and carefully select the most authentic and delicious Italian food for the UK market.

▫️ Gin Kitchen – Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin

Founded by Helen Muncie & Kate Gregory, The Gin Kitchen offers award-winning spirits with a unique style and character: rich, intense and vibrant; smooth and deep.

▫️ Nosh Detox – Winter Cleanse – Soups and Smoothies Fast

Founded by Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Nosh Detox are committed to helping empower women to have the tools to feel better, all the time.

We are very honoured to have these fantastic brands as founding members of our WomenLed Collective. Want to tell our community your story your way? List your business today to become part of our collective HERE.


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for the latest event news, business advice and inspiration