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The Women’s Chapter® is a B Corp certified membership community for impact-driven WOMEN IN BUSINESS to connect, inspire and thrive.

The POWER OF WOMEN in business is an undeniable force.

Our mission is to champion and unite the female changemakers driving global enterprise. Over the last 10 years more than 25,000 women have engaged with us through our events, thought leadership, membership and pro bono work. By disrupting traditional networking models, we offer women the opportunity to create meaningful, cross-sector connections, taking women supporting women (and girls) to a whole new level.

Within their communities, women can challenge limiting beliefs, foster mutual support and make philanthropic decisions that impact the world. This creates a ripple effect and as this spreads from one woman to the next, it shapes a world where we can continually lift and inspire future generations

Our WOMENLED DIRECTORY brings together exceptional female-run businesses, from the emerging to the well-established.

We also share their stories of drive, determination, creativity and innovation to inspire the next generation of female talent.

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We’re a B Corp certified company

This certification is not just a testament to our commitment to positive social and environmental impact, but also marks a significant milestone as we become part of a global community of 7,000 businesses which have certified as B Corps, using business as a force for good.

Certification is just the start of our journey and we are on a mission to find more ways to drive meaningful impact for women in work.

Of the 1,500 B Corps in the UK, only 24% are owned by women, and underrepresented founders make up 8% of B Corp leadership, so there is plenty of work to be done.

We are excited to be part of the solution and hope that you will join our movement to encourage even more women into business to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and build enterprises that drive impact.


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At the core of  The Women’s Chapter are our very SPECIAL EVENTS.

High profile speakers sharing impactful content, set in beautiful spaces. From women-led brand showcases to breakfast seminars, workshops, masterminds, and thought-provoking panel discussions, our events present unparalleled opportunities to elevate your professional network.

We CONTRIBUTE 5% of membership fees to our charity partners.

All our chosen charity partners focus on the needs of girls and women, from the most fundamental, like health and sanitary protection, to education, career opportunities
and business skill development.


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for the latest event news, business advice and inspiration.

for the latest event news, business advice and inspiration