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Selaura gives your body the very best nutritional support in perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

Selaura believes this phase of your life should be celebrated and enjoyed, and not simply endured. That’s why we developed the Selaura proprietary formula which contains 12 premium, scientifically-proven ingredients, all at optimal daily doses.

How did it all begin?

About 3 years ago Morven found she couldn’t sleep, was irritable and short-tempered. She struggled with brain fog and often couldn’t find the words she needed to finish sentences. She researched her symptoms and, after a while, realised she was perimenopausal. At 43, she was surprised by this – surely she was too young – and her breaking point came when she discovered that perimenopause could last for 10 years. She needed a solution, but there simply wasn’t anything on the market with clinically-proven ingredients. She turned to her friend Debbie who has over 20 years’ experience in holistic therapy and nutrition. Both Debbie and Morven are driven by the desire to help other women going through perimenopause and menopause. After a year of research and working with some of the world’s leading nutraceutical companies, Selaura was launched in late 2021.

What sets your business apart?

Selaura is a premium, single solution supplement supporting the 48 symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. With 12 clinically proven ingredients, Selaura was formulated by women, for women. While there are currently 13 million menopausal women in the UK, this demographic has been under-served. Selaura aims to change this by providing a premium supplement, containing ingredients proven to work. The symptoms of perimenopause are diverse, ranging from more well-known such as hot flushes to the lesser-known of fatigue. Selaura eases these, results from a recent consumer survey show that after taking Selaura 90% of women noticed a positive effect on their health and well-being.

What is the concept behind your business or the problem you’re solving?

The challenge in creating the formula was to find ingredients to support mental, physical and emotional symptoms. Using our own experiences, Debbie’s background in holistic therapy and nutrition and working with some of the world’s leading nutraceutical companies they created the formulation. They had a clear vision that only the highest grade ingredients, backed by science and clinical trials, could be included. More information on the ingredients and the science behind them can be found on our website. Feedback so far has been extremely positive, with over 50 % of customers subscribing for 3 months or more.

Where to next/What is your brand vision?

Selaura is our first product. In 5-10 years’ time, we would like to be recognised as the world-leading nutraceutical company for premium single solution formulae supporting periods of hormonal change.

Morven Shaw & Debbie Wheeler

Co-Founders of


What do you feel passionate about/what drives you?

We feel passionate about improving women’s health and nutrition in perimenopause and beyond.

Share an example of early life that has shaped you?

Living in Indonesia as a child, co-founder Debbie Wheeler (54), had grown up with her mother using natural solutions and centuries-old natural remedies. In turn, it became second nature to incorporate them into her life and to turn her passion into a career as a professional holistic therapist.

Highlights of your business journey so far?

We have absolutely loved working with some of the world’s leading nutraceutical companies and their inspiring scientists who are pioneering the development of premium ingredients for food supplements – combining the marvels of nature with their profound knowledge of pharmacology. This has greatly helped us to develop our innovative one-stop formula – Selaura – for perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

Key lessons you have learned along the way?

Do something you are passionate about. Passion means it’s never a chore.

Best piece of advice you have received?

“Do what you love, love what you do!” Helping women through perimenopause and beyond is at the core of what we do – and we get so much joy from the feedback we get from our customers!

Advice to an aspiring entrepreneur or woman just starting her career?

Find your passion and then just do it! Don’t hesitate.

What funding route have you chosen for your business and why?

Currently seeking seed/angel investment.

Some of the challenges you have faced and how you overcame them?

We carried out our R&D and then launched in a pandemic, combined with Brexit! There were logistics challenges along the way, but always, always a solution – you just have to work around things to find them.

Why is it important to support women-led business?

There are still great barriers to women starting and running their own businesses. It is important to support women at all stages and particularly to open up funding avenues for women-led businesses. As Madeleine Albright said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”




Morven Shaw & Debbie Wheeler

My inspiration is...

People with a passion!

My greatest fear is...

(Debbie) Paragliding – I can’t believe Morven did it!

The most courageous thing I’ve ever done is...

(Morven) Ski paragliding – in her 40's!!

Guilty pleasure?

Coffee and champagne.

Mantra you live by?

Always be kind.

Female role model?

Jo Malone & Liz Earle.

Women-led brand you love?

Waters + Wild, Organic perfumery.

Top productivity tool?

Spotify – we reach our peak flow with James Blunt.

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