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We are attention seekers.

We play BIG and get BALLSY.

We get your brand noticed, talked about, remembered, and bought.

How did it all begin?

I finally had enough of the status quo. The legacy brands, the way agencies work, how people and planet were cast aside in favour of profit at all cost.

After almost twenty years of experience working in marketing, innovation, and consultancy I realised that business was both the problem and the solution to a better world. Real systemic change is to happen, it wasn’t going to come from either governments or big corporates checking their ESG tickboxes.

True change would come from mission-driven businesses with sustainability built into their DNA. Those that are infiltrating and changing the landscape from within. But, without the scale that comes from mainstream awareness, the difference these brands can make is marginal. Sprowt exists to turn these brands into the household names of tomorrow. To get them on customers’ radars, make them desirable, and ultimately get consumers to choose to buy them over legacy brands.

What sets your business apart?

Every single business is different, and needs a different strategy to deliver commercial success. There is no one size fits all. Based on a clear understanding of both your vision and core challenges, we will bring in the right brains at the right time to deliver a solution to rocket blast.

What is the concept behind your business or the problem you’re solving?

Attention is the biggest challenge for any business in 2023.

We consume over 3 newspapers (the big ones) worth of information every single day. Work emails, life emails, junk emails. Instagram ads, TikTok rabbit holes, radio, podcasts, and all the gazillion of WhatsApp groups that we have been added to (because who doesn’t need another group)?

We are bombarded with information. This is coupled with the fact that at least 90% of your customers are not actively looking for what you are selling when they come into contact with your brand or marketing.

The harsh reality is that unless you do something memorable, something that commands attention your brand and marketing will be nothing but wallpaper.

Where to next/What is your brand vision?

My vision is to democratise marketing and creativity and help as many businesses as possible focus their attention on the right things, what will actually move the needle for their businesses.

Carly Osman-Holme

Founder of


What do you feel passionate about/what drives you?

People. Why do people behave in the way that they do, why do they make decisions, what motivates and inspires them.

Share an example of early life that has shaped you?

I have an insatiable appetite for learning so I’ve never been afraid to say I don’t know, or can you explain. How and Why were my favourite words growing up. This curiosity led me off the traditional path, to explore new areas based on what interested me, and build a career shaped by so many parts.

Highlights of your business journey so far?

When a client gave us the feedback that the work we had done for them was category defining.

Key lessons you have learned along the way?

Listen to my gut, it is always right- especially when it is screaming ‘don’t do it’.

Best piece of advice you have received?

Energy is your most important asset, protect it all costs. Gravitate towards the radiators and stay clear of the drains.

Advice to an aspiring entrepreneur or woman just starting her career?

Build your network.

What funding route have you chosen for your business and why?

Bootstrapped as it is a service based business.

Some of the challenges you have faced and how you overcame them?

My biggest challenge has been fear. Fear of being seen, fear of judgement, fear of what people will say about me.

Why is it important to support women-led business?

Because the future is female. The old systems and structures are not working and women led businesses bring an entirely different dynamic.




Carly Osman-Holme

My inspiration is...

the inherent knowledge that there is a better way of doing business.

My greatest fear is...

getting to the end and realising I played it safe.

The most courageous thing I’ve ever done is...

got out of my own way.

Guilty pleasure?

I love a bit of woo.

Mantra you live by?

people will not remember what you said, they will remember how they made you feel.

Female role model?

Sara Blakely.

Women-led brand you love?

GoHenry, The Memo, Glassette and Starling.

Top productivity tool?

making time for rest- this is a very new concept for me, but giving myself permission to properly switch off has made me so much more focused.

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