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The Attracta Beauty Award is the pinnacle of recognition for the beauty industry.

The Awards are a unique independent beauty movement, focused on connecting people and brands back to the provenance and value of beauty and why inclusive beauty is so beneficial for business and society. Founded by Attracta Courtney, a former health-care professional and leading Make-Up Artist, they are fast becoming the premier Haute-Beauty awards for the UK and Internationally. We take pride in our rigorous judging process, which is done over many months by an esteemed panel of leading A-list professional experts. The Awards celebrate the best in beauty and wellness, from emerging brands to established names.

How did it all begin?

I have always known that beauty is extremely powerful, positive and transformative when communicated in the right tone and with genuine love and integrity. As a former health-care professional and now Make-Up Artist, I have always loved supporting people on their pathway to health and creating beauty to enable people to look and most importantly feel better. I started the Awards for brands and the public to get a better and closer insight into what professional Experts, Hair and Make-Up Artists always love, trust and truly use to get their clients camera-ready. And, to start a motivational dialogue around how beauty is transformative and uplifting for our wellbeing at any age.

The Awards are always influenced by the latest topical developments in health and science, respecting all ages, our environment and steeped in background knowledge from the beauty and fashion arenas. When beauty brands enter their products, the judging panel are testing the products for many weeks under intense scrutiny to ensure only the best product, treatment or professional expert get awarded the winning ABA logo.

What sets your business apart?

I am committed to authenticity in beauty and wellbeing and see beauty through a holistic lens of the physical, emotional, philosophical and spiritual. I am passionate about health, slow-beauty and wellness and have a very rich first-hand experience to share knowledge. I host a yearly Awards Ceremony to motivate, celebrate and recognize the best of beauty. I invite visionary speakers to inspire the audience. Lucia van der Post, the founding editor of the Financial Times ‘How To Spend It’, Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus of the Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine and Jessi Baker, MBE Founder & CEO of Provenance have all been keynote speakers.

What is the concept behind your business or the problem you’re solving?

My Awards have been born out of decades of professional insight, integrity and personal experience, working with a plethora of products. The awards are not linked to any advertiser or sponsor, the uniquely designed winner’s certificates and logos are only ever awarded to products that the judges have tested over many months, love and now use. My mission is to empower beauty professionals, motivate brands to reach their full creative potential and to provide a recognition that may open doors or partnerships. Our mission as judges is to recognise excellence in beauty products, health and beauty spas and professional services worldwide.

We announce all the Winners and Highly Commended online each year and the top 10 get the new Haute-Beauty Winners logo and are presented with a uniquely designed Award Certificate at our Awards Ceremony. The awards honour professional experts, beauty products and services that demonstrate intelligence, effectiveness, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Where to next/What is your brand vision?

My mission is to champion Slow Beauty alongside Emotional and Physical Wellness; to create platforms that educate, generate important beauty industry discussions, not be afraid to have uncomfortable conversations that are essential to evolve the industry and introduce unexpected people from all age-groups who suggest seeds of change that are beneficial and potentially visionary.

For me beauty is not only cosmetic, it is vitally important for our psychological health and wellbeing. The Awards will always be open to new thought, nurturing and visionary – addressing issues that are topical, that need to be discussed to advance our current beauty beliefs. Our vision is events that inspire, educate and simplify what slow beauty and emotional wellness can accomplish in our modern world; ask and answer questions that encourages people to age without apology.

Attracta Courtney

Founder of

The Attracta Beauty Awards

What do you feel passionate about/what drives you?

I am passionate about connecting people back to the provenance of beauty and initiating conversations around the concept of Slow Beauty and Sustainable Age Wellness.

Discussing what is the true meaning of success in business and should we become more focused on the feminine contribution to achieving evolving change.

Share an example of early life that has shaped you?

Growing up and coming from Northern Ireland taught me that divided communities do not thrive. Follow your intuitive curiosity, speak up, and when you extend your hand or story in genuine friendship and kindness, momentous things happen and change.

Highlights of your business journey so far?

Following my passion to work in beauty! Meeting and working with people from all walks of life and some of the world’s most influential people. Working for leading international editorial magazines, record labels, fashion shows, advertising campaign’s etc. Combining knowledge from both my careers to launch my Awards is wonderful and rewarding as I know without a doubt that Health & Beauty are truly interwoven and essential for sustainable emotional wellbeing.

Key lessons you have learned along the way?

I work very closely with people and have met some of the most influential people in the world and each experience enriches my knowledge to be grounded and respectful to everyone. We all have a story to tell and listening is possibly our most undervalued yet valuable gift in effective communication.

Best piece of advice you have received?

Listen to people who desire you to do well.

Advice to an aspiring entrepreneur or woman just starting her career?

Follow your passion with action, don’t be discouraged with disappointment, continue to knock on many doors and some will eventually open, and when you least expect it opportunities arise. The quiet moments can be the most creative to solidify your vision.

What funding route have you chosen for your business and why?

Self-funded to date to enable me to establish my vision.

Some of the challenges you have faced and how you overcame them?

The possibility of rejection is a daily occurrence when you are self-employed or starting a business venture. Only you can see your vision and you have to be courageous to take the action to make things happen.

Why is it important to support women-led business?

Sharing challenges and success is a very supportive way to encourage others to keep going to achieve their vision.




Attracta Courtney

My inspiration is...

Genuine acts of kindness.

My greatest fear is...


The most courageous thing I’ve ever done is...

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Guilty pleasure?

Enjoying the abundant beauty and awe of nature’s seasons.

Mantra you live by?

Every person is a golden link in the chain of my success!

Female role model?

All women.

Women-led brand you love?

Irene Forte.

Top productivity tool?

Walking in nature, quality sleep and quiet time.

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