February 3


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Michelle de Klerk, Founder of The Women's Chapter

Join us for an inspirational and insightful conversation with Abbie Miranda, Co-founder of Beija London, a lingerie and swimwear brand.

Join us for an inspirational conversation with the dynamic and very passionate Abbie Miranda, Co-founder of Beija London.

Having exceeded their crowd-funding target and weathered the Covid storm, inclusive lingerie and swimwear brand Beija London has continued to make waves and developed a large client following of women who love their unique sizing system and the comfort and support it offers.

Co-founded in 2016 by sisters Abbie Miranda and Mazie Fisher, their lingerie is made for women by women with cup sizes from AA to H. Beija London believes your cup size shouldn’t dictate how you shop for lingerie and offers 3 unique sizing categories, X, Y and Z™.

During this event, we will be talking to Abbie Miranda about Beija London’s success, how they have navigated challenges as their business has grown, selling underwear online and their new Tryst range. Abbie is a force, so this conversation is not to be missed!

Speaking to the powerful ethos of this brand, Beija London’s brand stamp is the Sanskrit symbol for Yoni, meaning vulva. This emblem of feminine power is at the heart of Beija London and underpins their mission to create a healthy, contemporary, and comfortable space for women.

Join us for what promises to be a knowledge packed conversation with plenty of advice and top tips from the co-founder of a fast-growth business.