More about me:

I am the very passionate founder of The Women's Chapter. I hope you enjoy being a part of our community and, through our platform, you find inspiration and connect with a tribe of like-minded women who want to see you succeed.

Who/what inspires me

My daughters. And, the exponential power of women supporting women. It's a force!

I feel passionate about...

Championing and supporting women-led business.

Mantra I live by:

I have many, but I believe in facing fear head on. It's usually the largest obstacle that stands in they way of us achieving our goals.

Women-Led brand I love:

I'm spoilt for choice! There are so many inspiring businesses in our community with phenomenal women at their helm. Some of my faves are Air & Grace, Kaleido and Aurelia.

Guiltless pleasure:

Shoes, good wine, and beach walks in rain or shine with my family