WOMENLED WONDER: In Conversation with Corina Goetz

We had an inspirational conversation with Corina Goetz, founder of Star-CaT

Her business was founded on the back of a need Corina saw for companies to understand the culture of the Middle East and how to do better business there.

The concept behind Star-CaT is to take away the anxiety of working with Middle Eastern clients without wasting hours searching for information.

Corina and her team teach small shortcuts that can lead to big profits and a greater understanding of the Gulf region. We will be talking to Corina about her journey, the clients she works with, and her top tips for success in the Middle East.

You can access the recording of Corina Goetz’s WonenLed Wonder HERE

DIGITAL MASTERMIND: 7 Steps to Boost Your Online Revenue in Q4 2021

Our first Digital Mastermind, part of a series run by our new digital partner James Oakley Media.

Co-owned by Lara Morgan and James Oakley, we love their no-nonsense approach to results-driven digital marketing.

During this FREE one hour intensive session, we learned how to boost conversions and increase online revenue for the last few months of 2021. So many of us have had our businesses severely affected by the pandemic, so this interactive mastermind session gave our members real insights and skills around how to claw back on sales and finish 2021 strong.

James shared case studies of businesses he and his team have worked with which have used digital to grow their market share substantially over the last 18 months. There was plenty of time for questions and troubleshooting together.

To James, a massive thank you for your time and expertise. We are very grateful to have this opportunity to work with you for the benefit of our community.

You can access the recording for the mastermind HERE


Date: 8 September 2021

Time: 10am, UK time

WOMENLED WONDER: In Conversation with Valerie Genty

We had an inspirational conversation with Valerie Genty, Founder of Ethos of London

Valerie spoke about her journey from the art world to running her own multi-brand fine jewellery platform, which champions female designers and ethical production.

Showcasing jewellery rich in cultural heritage and storytelling, Ethos of London work with leading brands and emerging designers who have an ethical approach to jewellery making, marrying luxury with purpose.

Educated at La Sorbonne Paris, Harvard Law School and Christie’s London, Valerie, is a “veteran of the art world” (JCK Magazine) and has established expertise in art curation, brand partnerships and business management.

She has devoted her career to strategically leading business development for international galleries, heading sales of prominent contemporary and modern artists (from Bernard Buffet oil paintings to Yinka Shonibare’s sculptures), and has worked both in the commercial and cultural fields.

With experience spanning world-leading brands such as Burberry, Hussein Chalayan, Ozwald Boateng, Soho House and Christie’s, she has turned her focus to the growth trajectories of visionary jewellery brands via the collaborative platform, Ethos of London.

Valerie’s personal journey started in Paris where she spent her childhood, with her family heritage rooted in the regions of Champagne and Vendee. Her French sensibilities are intertwined with British cultural influences, she has lived in England for over two decades and currently resides in London.

Valerie’s expertise and passion for gemstones, art, design and all things creative, combined with her long standing advocacy of women’ s advancement, come together to make Ethos of London a one of a kind wondrous and purpose-led platform which brings a community of visionary designers to an international audience.

You can access the recording of Valerie Genty’s WonenLed Wonder HERE

WOMENLED WONDER: In Conversation with Debbie Trumper

We were joined by Debbie Trumper, Founder of Debbie Trumper Consultancy for an inspirational and insightful conversation.

Having worked across all retail environments, Debbie has a complete understanding of all key retail areas and knows what it takes to have a successful brand and business.

As a previous beauty buyer and Chairman of the Cosmetic and Perfumery Retailers Association (COPRA), Debbie has an enviable contact list within the beauty industry across, retail, wholesale and manufacturing and is well positioned to help you and your brand reach its potential.

A regular visitor to many of the industry events and charity fundraisers Debbie is a well-known face within the beauty industry.

We were very excited to talk to Debbie about her journey, the clients she works with and what it takes to make sure a brand is set for long-term success.

You can access the recording of Debbie Trumper ’s WonenLed Wonder HERE

MASTERCLASS: How to make your body your best ally

We hosted an insightful masterclass with body whisperer Vanessa Conway, Founder of Feel.Move.Be on how to make your body your best ally in business and in life.

Vanessa Conway specialises in helping women to get their bodies moving freely to feel fit, strong and unstoppable — so they can be in the best condition to support their ambitions and navigate challenges at home and at work.

This one-hour event covered:

– Three myths about fitness and what “fitness” really means

– The importance of developing a real relationship between your mind and body

– How to achieve that mind and body alignment

– The overlooked secrets to getting fit and energised

– How to listen to your body and understand what it needs and when

There was also plenty of time for questions and practical insights.

You can access the recording of Vanessa Conway’s Masterclass HERE

FORECAST: Post-pandemic retail trend outlook with Wizz Selvey

During this insightful event, retail expert and trend forecaster Wizz Selvey spoke about the fast-moving trends of a post-COVID world and explained how your brand can gain more market share.

The session Wizz covered:

The re-opening of physical retail and where customers will be spending

If digital channels will continue to offer the same growth trajectory

How to create a seamless customer experience with an omni-channel strategy

Wizz is a champion for change in the retail industry, previously heading up buying at Selfridges and now the Founder of WIZZ&CO, a brand and retail strategy agency. They help brands and retailers create deeper connections with customers to increase market share to stand out from the noise.

Wizz is a trend predictor and an expert on customer behaviour, speaking internationally at The Future Laboratory, Cosmetics Business Live, Enterprise Nation and more. She is a regular contributor to Cosmetics Business trend reports and has been featured in WGSN, The Guardian, You Magazine and Natwest business, to name a few.

You can access the recording of Wizz Selvey’s Forecast HERE

WOMENLED WONDER: In Conversation with Vanessa Conway

We enjoyed an inspirational and insightful online conversation with Vanessa Conway, Founder of Feel.Move.Be.

Vanessa Conway specialises in helping women to get their bodies moving freely to feel fit, strong and unstoppable. Bullied as a child for being too emotional, Vanessa used movement, first with dance then martial arts, to build her physical and emotional resilience. But, after sustaining a serious back injury at university, Vanessa was told she’d never have the career in fitness she’d dreamed of.

Determined to find a way, Vanessa embarked on a long journey to really listen to her body, heal and find balance. She now runs a thriving business helping women to connect and listen to their bodies so they can move and live freely.

During our conversation, Vanessa Conway shared her personal and business journeys, the challenges and triumphs she has experienced along the way, key lessons she has learned and how she stays motivated.

You can access the recording of Vanessa Conway’s WonenLed Wonder HERE

Women In Sustainability with Diana Verde Nieto & Jane Shepherdson CBE

Sustainability trailblazer Diana Verde Nieto is the Co-Founder and CEO of Positive Luxury.

Globally recognised in the sustainability field, Diana Verde Nieto was trained by Al Gore at the Alliance of Climate Change, serves as a board member for the World Economic Forum Young Global Leader community and sits on the Sustainable Development Goals Advisory Council.

Diana is an advisor to the British Fashion Council and the European Council of Conservation International, and has spoken at Davos, World Economic Forum and TEDx, among many others.

We are beyond honoured and excited to have Diana on the panel of our Women in Sustainability virtual event which we hosted on 23 February 2021, in association with Collyer Bristow.

Diana and fellow sustainability leader Jane Shepherdson CBE will be in conversation with Michelle de Klerk, Founder of The Women’s Chapter, about what sustainability in business means and why it matters now, in the time of Covid, and for the future.

You can access the recording of Women in Sustainability HERE.

WomenLed Wonder: In Conversation with Maria Tibblin

WomenLed Wonder: In Conversation with Maria Tibblin, Founder of Maria Tibblin Limited.

We hosted an inspirational and insightful conversation with Maria Tibblin, an international hospitality interior designer who creates sustainable, inspiring environments with a keen focus on our health and all five senses.

Before becoming an interior designer, Maria worked in public health, giving her a strong focus on promoting health and wellbeing through the spaces she designs. Through the pandemic, we have become acutely aware of just how valuable our health is.

With this in mind, Maria’s approach considers how buildings and spaces can positively or negatively affect our wellbeing. Maria will be sharing her journey from health professional to running a luxury interior design business.

As a native Swede, Maria’s Scandinavian heritage and multicultural background is reflected in her personal approach to design, mixing simplicity and sleekness with elegance.

Access the recording of Maria Tibblin’s WomenLed Wonder HERE.

WomenLed Wonder: In Conversation with Tonya Kidd Beggs

In Conversation with Tonya Kidd-Beggs, Founder of STORIES Parfums.

STORIES Parfums is a hand-crafted collection of luxury Eau de Parfum and nourishing body care, which unveils Tonya’s story through the art of perfumery.

It was only after a transformative trip to the heart of perfume-making in Grasse, France, that Tonya realised the power of fragrance to heal, release and transcend tragedy. Spurred on by this discovery, Stories Parfums was born.

Using the best raw materials and time-honoured traditional methods, Tonya created each fragrance to capture a moment and unlock a memory significant to her.

Tonya told us all about how she came to create Stories Parfums, what drives her, how her business has weathered the Covid storm and her future vision for the brand.

You can access the recording of Tonya Kidd Beggs WonenLed Wonder HERE

How to Own Your Power with Brita Fernandez Schmidt

How to Own Your Power with Brita Fernandez Schmidt, the author of Fears to Fierce.

During this inspirational event, author Brita Fernandez Schmidt shared her story of how she found the courage to harness the power within her to overcome fear and unleash her ‘fierce.’ Fierce is the term Brita has coined to describe the light within us that burns more brightly the more inspired we are.

As Executive Director of Women for Women International, Brita has spent 25 years championing women’s rights across the world, nurturing her own ‘fierce’ and inspiring thousands of others to do the same. And now in her first book, through a combination of guidance, storytelling and practical tools, Fears to Fierce is a rallying call that will inspire you to realise your purpose and potential, ignite your fierce and create the life you have been dreaming of.

During this live online event, Brita will talk about how allowing yourself to be inspired is the greatest gift you can give yourself. She will share insights around how to find your fierce by touching on the three key stages in her book: finding what is meaningful to you, owning your power and understanding how your own transformation can inspire others.

Join us for a deeply moving conversation with Brita around how to redefine your value system and learn you are strong enough to fail.

This event is in partnership with Collyer Bristow, which supports ambitious entrepreneurs, owner-managed and family owned businesses, providing joined-up advice specifically tailored to their needs.

They are proud of their long-standing commitment to female-founded businesses, helping redress the gender-imbalance in the entrepreneurial sector and, as part of this focus, have partnered with The Women’s Chapter specifically to support female entrepreneurs in developing their businesses.

You can access the recording of How to Own Your Power with Brita Fernandez Schmidt, the author of Fears to Fierce HERE.

WomenLed Wonder: How to Create a Disruptive Brand with Wizz Selvey

WomenLed Wonder Series: We learnt what you need to have in place to launch a brand and get noticed, with strategic brand expert Wizz Selvey, founder of WIZZ&CO.

As the former Head of Beauty at Selfridges and Director at Cowshed Beauty and Soho Home, Wizz Selvey helps brands and retailers stand out and attract customers. As part of our WomenLed Wonder Series, Wizz will share her knowledge of what makes a brand sought after, how to engage customers and create strategies you can implement with measurable success.

It’s easier than ever to launch a brand, but how do you stand out from the crowd? With her background of heading up buying at Selfridges, Wizz has an eye for trends, understands what customers want and knows how to disrupt the market.

You can access the recording of How to Create a Disruptive Brand HERE

WomenLed Wonder: In Conversation with Stella Kamba

We hosted a WomenLed Wonder Series with Stella Kamba, Founder of More Life Adventures.

Stella Kamba spoke about how her experience of burnout in the corporate world led her to start More Life Adventures.

With a dream to help people feel more alive, their wellness retreats provide opportunities to recover from the stress of city life with training, breathing, and connecting.

During this event, Stella shared what drives her, the most courageous thing she’s done, and how setting boundaries has helped her navigate challenges.

You can access the recording of Stella Kamba’s WomenLed Wonder HERE

Leading in times of crisis with Rebecca Morley

We don’t often create space to think about our happiness and how it affects our enjoyment of work. But, happiness is one of the core elements of creating the energy you need to run a successful business.

To help you take a step back from recent events and think about how to maximise your happiness regardless of what’s going on around you, we teamed up with leadership coach Rebecca Morley to bring you a lunchtime masterclass on how to feel happier and more energised at work.

A successful business coach who works with CEOs and business leaders at some of the fastest growing brands, Rebecca works with her clients to help them build the right mindset and skillset for success.

During this session we covered the following:

– Why you should choose happiness

– Some of the most common things that get in the way of our happiness and how to overcome them

– The circle of control, and how to reclaim your power over things

– Reframing techniques to help you overcome negative events

– Taking responsibility for how you feel

– How to find unconditional happiness

– How to overcome impostor syndrome

You can access the recording of Leading in times of crisis with Rebecca Morley HERE

WomenLed Wonder: In Conversation with Kuku Nukajam

WomenLed Wonder Series with Kuku Nukajam, Founder of Reign Studio.

Kuku founded Reign Studio on the back of a need for women with fuller busts to have access to swimwear that was refined and considerate of the fuller bust form. With the belief that women should be able to love and celebrate their bodies, Kuku has built Reign into a thriving swimwear business.

During this live event, Kuku will be shared the highlights of her business journey, challenges she has faced, and how she stays motivated.

You can access the recording of Kuku Nukajam’s WonenLed Wonder HERE

Essentials to Protect You & Support Your Business Growth with Sharon Fryer

Learn about the tools available to protect you and your business, and to support its growth, in association with Collyer Bristow.

This event was run by our legal partners Collyer Bristow and was designed to help you work through the commercial and legal topics that affect both the day to day running and legacy of a business.

In particular, the session included company law, intellectual property law and legal advice to protect you and your family.

This masterclass was for the founders and teams of businesses from start-up to scale-up and beyond, as well as those thinking of starting a business.

The session was led by Sharon Fryer, who specialises in company law, working on everything in the life of a company, from setting it up, and the relationships between shareholders, through to investment and funding, making acquisitions, and ultimately selling the business or passing it on to the next generation – and everything the directors and shareholders might need in between those milestones.

You can access the recording of Essentials to Protect You & Support Your Business Growth HERE

Meet The Founders: Future-Proof Business Your Business Growth

We hosted an inspirational panel discussion around how to future-proof your business growth in times of crisis, and beyond, in association with Collyer Bristow.⠀ ⠀

Our speakers shared their business journeys as well as insights into what fundamentals you should have in place to protect and future-proof your business for its future growth.⠀ ⠀

Our Accomplished Speakers:⠀ ⠀

Jo Tutchener-Sharp, Founder of Scamp & Dude⠀ ⠀

Linzi Boyd, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Founder of BoB⠀ ⠀

Sharon Fryer, Corporate Partner at Collyer Bristow⠀ ⠀

This online event was hosted in partnership with Collyer Bristow , a law firm that really champions and supports ambitious entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals. They have provided great support to The Women’s Chapter as we have grown and we love their approach.⠀ ⠀

If you missed this informative, high impact event that taught us about about the measures you need in place to protect your business in times of crisis and beyond, you can access the recording HERE.

How to Market a Luxury Brand in the time of Covid and Beyond

How to Market a Luxury Brand in the time of Covid and Beyond, with Annoushka Ducas MBE, in association with Collyer Bristow.

Annoushka, one of the UK’s most inspiring women entrepreneurs, has a luxury industry career that spans three decades — starting with co-founding Links of London, and later her eponymous jewellery brand Annoushka Jewellery, which she founded 10 years ago.

Even for the most experienced entrepreneur, Covid-19 has brought unprecedented challenges, particularly when it comes to marketing luxury non-essential products.

During this live event, Annoushka will be sharing insights into her remarkable business journey, as well as how she has changed the shape and attitude of her business during the pandemic. This will include her learnings around how to position and market a luxury brand now, and as we move into a “new normal.”

This online event is hosted in partnership with Collyer Bristow, a law firm that really champions and supports ambitious entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals.

They have provided great support to The Women’s Chapter as we have grown and we love their approach. Join us for an inspirational talk packed with honest, implementable advice and top tips from one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs.

You can watch the recording of How to Market a Luxury Brand HERE

Stress with Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Stress and its Effect on Digestion, Sleep and Fertility with Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Founder of Nosh Detox.

Lockdown has been extremely stressful for everyone, but the unique subset that is working women, have had a harder time than most. It’s the deadly combination of work, home-schooling, cooking and cleaning, every day!

When stress levels rise you will find that it hits one of the core three functions – and sometimes all of them – Digestion, Sleep, and Fertility. During the live virtual session, Geeta walked us through how to identify the consequences of stress and how to mitigate them.

You can access the recording of Stella Kamba’s WomenLed Wonder HERE.

How to Build a Successful Fashion Brand with Eileen Willett & Nancy Zeffman

From kitchen table to Dragon’s Den and beyond, the founders of Cucumber Clothing, Eileen Willett and Nancy Zeffman, will share their journey of building a successful fashion brand.

Eileen and Nancy will share insights around how to take a fashion business from idea to final product, building a sustainable supply chain, equity funding, and how to differentiate yourself in a crowded market place.

We hosted an inspirational talk packed with honest, implementable advice, and top tips.

You can access the recording of How to Build a Successful Fashion Brand HERE

How to use Awards to Strengthen your Brand Now & in the Future with Donna O’Toole

Winning awards has become one of the quickest and most effective ways of raising the profile of a business and motivating the people in it, which in turn helps the business to grow and helps everyone in the business to achieve their personal goals.

Awards specialist Donna O’Toole, Founder of August Awards, The Awards Consultancy, will share her insights around how to build an achievable awards strategy in 2020 (yes, 2020!) and beyond.

Key takeaways from the session will include:

– Which awards will give your profile the biggest boost now?

– How to create your award-winning USP

– What’s happening in the awards industry now and why it affects you

– How to use awards to motivate customers and colleagues and keep driving your business forward

You can access the recording of How to use Awards to Strengthen your Brand Now & in the Future HERE

Pivoting in Times of Crisis with Healthy Nibbles & Gin Kitchen

How to Pivot Your Business in Times of Crisis with Sara Roberts and Kate Gregory.

Small businesses are being forced to review their business models, with many switching up the way they operate, and even the products they offer, in order to survive during the Corona Virus crisis.

During this free, interactive session we spoke to two founders in our community, Sara Roberts, Founder of Healthy Nibbles, and Kate Gregory, Co-Founder of The Gin Kitchen, about how they have pivoted their businesses. Both Healthy Nibbles and The Gin Kitchen are part of our WomenLed Collective.

Sara Roberts spoke about how Healthy Nibbles is focusing on delivering healthy snacks to remote workers across the country, whereas previously they worked closely with businesses to implement healthy solutions in the office, for example, through vending machines.

Kate shared how Gin Kitchen petitioned HMRC for permission to use their alcohol to make the hand rub formulation recommended by the World Health Organisation to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Click HERE to hear Sara and Kate’s insights around how to identify opportunities and change tack during this challenging time.

LinkedIn with Authentic Alex

What does your brand on LinkedIn say about you and your business?

The use of LinkedIn has drastically changed over the last few years, going from a static networking platform where you put your CV to a social networking platform. We don’t want to buy from faceless companies anymore, we want to buy from real people. Branding on LinkedIn is now personal.

We were very excited that LinkedIn expert and Top Voice for the UK, Alexandra Galviz, joined us to share how we can stand out from the crowd digitally, attract ideal clients and make opportunities come to us, just by leveraging LinkedIn.

The takeaways from this session were:

– Understand the changes on LinkedIn

– How to make the most of the platform

– How to position yourself as a subject matter expert

– How to change your LinkedIn strategy

– Or if you don’t have one yet, how to get started

Authentic Alex was the former Head of Training and Development for a Foreign Exchange broker by the time she was 24 years old. Finding herself a round peg in a square hole she spent time learning what her values, passions, and skills were. Unable to find a role that aligned with all the above, Alex decided to create her own portfolio career.

She’s a LinkedIn Top Voice for the UK, placing her among the top most influential content creators on LinkedIn and an official LinkedIn Learning Instructor. She has since gone on to work with the likes of Shell, Deloitte, BP, Dyson, Microsoft and LinkedIn. She is also the co-founder of a global movement called #LinkedInLocal that has grown to 100 countries, in over 1,000 cities and reached over 100,000 members. A hashtag campaign that started with the intention of encouraging people to get offline and meet the people behind the profile for informal networking is now the longest and largest running campaign on LinkedIn.

You can access the recording of LinkedIn with Authentic Alex HERE

Fly in the Face of Adversity: Fast Survival Facts with Lara Morgan

Having guided her business through SARS, Foot and Mouth and the September 11 attacks, Lara will share the business lessons she has learned and how to navigate uncertain times.

Lara will be in conversation with Michelle de Klerk, Founder of The Women’s Chapter, sharing top actions on how to fly in the face of adversity. The conversation will be followed by an opportunity to ask Lara questions and draw on her knowledge and expertise.

Lara is most widely known for building her own global leading brand licensing business, Pacific Direct, before selling a majority share of the company for £20 million. ⠀⠀

She is proud mother of three and spends the majority of her time investing in great British innovations that genuinely improve the lives of others.

Lara is passionate about supporting women along their entrepreneurial journey and helping them to understand what investors actually want. ⠀⠀ Lara’s portfolio includes Scentered, a range of essential oil pulse point balms to restore and balance, as well as Company Shortcuts, Dryrobe, KitBrix, GATE8-luggage, Activbod and Yogi Bare.

A Co-Founder of Start Up Britain, Lara is a regular commentator on current affairs and business issues with Sky and BBC News. She has been a finalist in the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award and is the author of Amazon best selling business book, More Balls Than Most.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Lara’s insights and engage with her around how to face and survive the challenges businesses face.

You can access the recording of Valerie Genty’s WonenLed Wonder HERE

Protect Your Brand with Holly Tucker & Collyer Bristow

Protect Your Brand as Your Business Grows with Holly Tucker MBE, in association with Collyer Bristow.

Please join The Women’s Chapter for an inspirational panel discussion with entrepreneurial force Holly Tucker MBE and intellectual property expert Mette Marie Kennedy.

We will be talking to Holly Tucker MBE, Founder of Not On The High Street and Holly & Co, and Mette Marie Kennedy, senior associate at Collyer Bristow, about why and how to protect the intellectual property of your business, regardless of its size.

This event was in association with our legal partners Collyer Bristow.

You can access the recording of Protect Your Brand HERE

Women in Sustainability, in association with Brown’s Hotel and Telegraph Women

Our speakers, all founders of businesses in the luxury sector, shared their journeys as well as insights into how entrepreneurs can incorporate sustainable practices into the ethos and DNA of their business.

Thought Leadership Breakfast: Women in Sustainability, in association with Brown’s Hotel, part of Rocco Forte Hotels, and Telegraph Women

Our speakers included:

Irene Forte, beauty entrepreneur and Founder of Irene Forte Skincare

Diana Verde Niento, Co-Founder and CEO of Positive Luxury

Vanessa Jacobs, Founder of The Restory

The panel discussion was led by Claire Cohen, Telegraph Women Editor and Associated Features Editor.

The event was hosted in the beautiful Clarendon Room of the prestigious Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair, starting with a light buffet breakfast, followed by a seated panel discussion.

Event Details:

Date: Monday, 18 November 2019

Time: 8.30-10.00am

Venue: Clarendon Room, Brown’s Hotel, Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BP

Ticket: £44.90 including Eventbrite fees and VAT, light breakfast and a goody bag

10% of all profits from the event will be pledged to support The Women’s Chapter’s chosen charities.

Luxury travel redefined: Fireside chat with leading women in travel

An inspirational evening with two leading women in travel to explore what luxury travel means today.

The evening featured an insightful conversation with Kerry Golds, managing director for Abercrombie & Kent, and Michelle Jana Chan, award-winning journalist and travel editor of Vanity Fair — who blew us away with accounts of their career journeys peppered with anecdotes and travel stories.

They also gave us the insider view on the the must-visit destinations for next year as well as how we can travel and experience destinations in a more sustainable, yet immersive way.

Michelle Jana Chan also read an excerpt from her book “Song” and later signed copies for guests.

During the evening, we were treated to delicious gin cocktails from woman-led Elephant Gin and tasty canapes curated by the talented Devonshire Club team.

International Women’s Day Celebration: Panel and women-led brand showcase

The evening featured a discussion with inspirational women in business, including Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, Founder of luxury body care brand Malée, Meera Santoro, Founder of Santoro, and Pumela Salela, UK Country Head of Brand South Africa and Chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Scholarship Alumni Association.

The event also played host to a showstopping showcase of female talent and women-led brands, all with links to South Africa, across wellness, fashion and lifestyle.

We had an opportunity to chat to the respective founders and business owners as well as indulge in some pampering

Brands that took part included organic African wellness brand Africology, which recently opened a flagship store in Covent Garden; urban sleepwear company Nightire; luxury African skincare Malee, sustainable leather goods brand Okapi and influencer brand collaborative Our Social Collective.

We feasted on African-inspired canapes crafted by the Devonshire Club chef and drank sparkling Miss Molly rose from the women-led Moreson wine estate in Franschoek, as well as gin cocktails made with South African Inveroche Gin and Barker & Quinn mixers — all made by women!

What a heart-warming, joyous evening in celebration of women and hopw truly phenomenal things happen when we come together to support one another.

Masterclass with celebrated entrepreneur Linzi Boyd

Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Award-Winning Author and Founder of multiple corporations, Linzi Boyd is renowned for taking early-stage and established businesses and turning them into famous brands with a purpose.

At our intimate workshop, Linzi taught us how to build a business with a top-down strategy and how to drive sales, awareness and value for growth and scale. She also spoke about how to identify and grow the assets in your business, as well as the importance of personal brand. As always, this workshop with Linzi was mind blowing relevant for everyone in the room, regardless of their business stage. It’s not surprising that our workshops with Linzi are always a sell-out!

How to Start, Grow & Scale Your Business

We gathered for an exclusive evening to celebrate women in business, with insights on how to start, grow and scale your business, as well as a showcase of women-led brands. 

Our event featured a panel discussion with high-profile speakers Annoushka Ducas MBE, Founder of Links of London and Annoushka, and Inge Theron, Founder of FaceGym, the first ever gym studio for the face. The conversation was led by Claire Cohen, Telegraph Women’s Editor and Associate Features Editor.

With experience of scaling their businesses, Annoushka and Inge shared their business journeys, along with plenty of practical tips and advice for women at all stages of their entrepreneurial or professional career paths.

The event also featured a signature WomenLed showcase of select brands, which provided a fantastic opportunity to meet the respective founders as well as experience the innovation and creativity of these fashion, beauty, wellness, and accessories brands first hand. 

Brands taking part included Wild Celia, Brooks & Sharpe, Right to Bare, Sian Esther, Aruku and Beets Pulse & Thyme.

The unashamedly glamorous Devonshire Club provided the perfect setting for an indulgent evening of inspiration, meaningful connections, delicious canapés and flowing bubbles. 

We were very proud to support The Prince’s Trust Women Support Women with 15% of all proceeds from this event.

Festive Women-Led Food & Beverage Experience & Panel Discussion

What a way to end another phenomenal year! Our community gathered to eat, drink and celebrate incredible women-led food and beverage brands as well as listen to insights from our panel of influential food entrepreneurs.

Jenny Costa, CEO & Founder of award-winning, sustainable condiment range, Rubies in the Rubble, and Chantal Coady OBE, author, business woman and Founder of Rococo Chocolates, took part in a lively panel discussion facilitated by Claire Cohen, Telegraph Women‘s Editor, Associate Features Editor and Television Commentator.

The evening also featured a sumptuous showcase of female-founded food and beverage brands. Their founders were there to talk to guests, sell their wares and share their business experiences.

We feasting guiltlessly on festive salad rolls from Kaleido rolls, healthy snacks from Pep & Lekker and StopMyCraving, and feel-good desserts from Gato & Co. We were inspired by the Italian food finds showcased by Red Beetle Food Company and wowed by the innovation of vegan Kaakao and food-tech platform Feedr.

We sipped on delicious gin tipple from the dynamic female duo behind The Gin Kitchen and tasted gourmet condiments from Rubies in the Rubble. And as no festive event could be complete without chocolate, we indulged in divine handmade chocolates from Rococo.

It was also the ideal opportunity to tick gifts off our Christmas lists whilst supporting women-led, independent business in the process. Our event was in association with Telegraph Women and the Devonshire Club and 10% of all ticket sales went to our Pledge fund to support our chosen charities.

Meet the Founders

We gathered at The Kensington hotel in London for an inspirational evening to celebrate women in business and kick off the summer holidays in style, all in support of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Our special event, in partnership with Telegraph Women, featured business insights with travel industry pioneer Tamara Lohan MBE, the Co-Founder of Mr & Mrs Smith; and Deborah Sheridan-Taylor, a personal stylist with a diverse client base, from working women to celebrities, empowering women through fashion.  The talks were led by Telegraph Women editor Claire Cohen. The event also featured the ultimate holiday fashion edit, courtesy of Harvey Nichols and curated by Deborah.

Know & Assert Your Worth

In celebration of International Women’s Day, 100 of our members joined us for a panel discussion and showcase of women-led brands.

Our event was sponsored by Stevens & Bolton LLP, a leading full-service top 100 law firm, and was hosted in association with Telegraph Women and The Bloomsbury, a five-star hotel in London

Our speakers included:

Ann Francke, CEO of Chartered Management Institute  (CMI), Winner of the Louis Armstrong Award for outstanding leadership of a UK professional body 2016 and Author of ‘Financial Times Guide to Management: How to Make a Difference and Get Results’.

Emma Sinclair MBE, a serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of global software company EnterpriseAlumni. Emma is the youngest person to have floated a company on the London Stock Exchange, at 29. 

Hannah Ford, Partner at Stevens & Bolton LLP, specialising in employment law, including equality and diversity issues and Gender Pay Gap Reporting.

Our accomplished speakers discussed the theme of ‘Worth’, as well as practical tips around gender pay gap, female leadership, confidence and knowing your value.

Held at The Doyle Collection’s newly-renovated The Bloomsbury hotel in the beating heart of London’s West End, the event will also featured one of our signature showcases of select female-led brands. 

The fabulous brands that took part included included:

Belinda Robertson Cashmere, Distinctively Me, Lucy Anabella, Bozena Jankowska, Nui Ami, Emmy London and By Sarah London.

Canapes and Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco will be served throughout the evening and 

We were delighted to be serving Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco on the evening, founded by award-winning entrepreneur Amanda Thomson. Gorgeous gifts were be supplied by Scentered.

Fear As A Tool For Success

Our inspirational panelists Trinny Woodall, Founder of Trinny London; Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, Co-Founder of Flowerbx; and Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director of Women for Women International spoke about Fear and how to utilise it as a tool for success. The conversation was driven by Claire Cohen, Telegraph Women Editor.

For the breakfast, Russell Ford, Executive Chef at The Marylebone curated a deliciously healthy spread for our guests, complete with The Juicery juices, hosted in The Marylebone Rooms, in the heart of London’s vibrant W1.

All profit from the ticket sales were donated to Women for Women International, which gave us the opportunity to sponsor three women through the charity’s 12 month programme, which equips women to earn money, regain their confidence and actively participate in communities.

Meet the Founders

What a wonderful evening celebrating Women In Business, with an inspirational panel discussion with Sarah Wood OBE, CEO and Co-Founder of Unruly and Tracey Woodward, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates. The conversation was led by the incredible Claire Cohen, Editor of Telegraph Women.

Our accomplished speakers spoke about  female leadership, successful startups and how we can all champion women in business.

The event also featured a showcase of select female-led brands across fashion, beauty, wellness, and accessories, which included Metier, Scentered, Latimer Living, Style Lyrical, Faber Novella and Milton & Hyde.

The unashamedly glamorous Devonshire Club provided the perfect setting for an evening of inspiration, meaningful connections, delicious canapés and flowing Veuve Clicquot.


Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Award-Winning Author and Founder of multiple corporations, Linzi Boyd is renowned for taking early-stage and established businesses and turning them into famous brands with a purpose.

At our exclusive workshop, in association with Telegraph Women, Linzi taught us about the top-down model for growth and how to drive sales, awareness and value in order to scale. She gave us insights into how to grow your profile and ‘google-fame’ and align it with your business brand. Alongside this, we heard about the secrets she has uncovered from her various ventures and experiences as an entrepreneur. Linzi is a force and it was such an honour to have her run this masterclass for us!

Beauty Inside And Out

Our speakers, Claire Vero, Founder of award-winning Aurelia Probiotic Skincare; Jacqueline Hurst, a trailblazing life coach and Bernadine Tay, Founder of Quinteassential Fine Teas, shared their own business journeys as well as how to achieve true beauty — from the inside out. We also explored related topics around body image, confidence and self esteem.

We were treated to Quinteassential’s white elixir tea cocktails and fuelled with healthy plant-based treats from Nourish Kitchen, both women-led brands. And of course there were bubbles, plenty of Champagne bubbles!

This glamorous evening was an opportunity to engage with women at the forefront of their industries, network with fellow professionals and entrepreneurs, and be inspired. Special thanks to Space NK for hosting us in their private event space and spoiling us with gorgeous goodie bags.

Meet the Founders

To mark International Women’s Day 2017, members joined us for an exclusive panel discussion and luxury showcase of nine women-led brands, including The Fold, Flowerbx and Emmy London.

Our event featured a panel discussion with Nancy Cruickshank, serial entrepreneur,, and Vanessa Vallely, renowned speaker and Founder of WeAreTheCity. The conversation was led by Claire Cohen, Editor of Telegraph Women.

In addition to inspirational content and curated networking, we were treated to experiences and surprises offered by the participating brands and their founders, including tea tasting with Quinteassential; floral innovation by Flowerbx, beauty product indulgence with MyShowcase; expert makeup tips from Studio10; shoe inspiration by Emmy London; workwear updates from The Fold; designer insights by Kelly Simpkin; exciting interiors by Santorus and handbag restoration expertise from The Restory.The unashamedly glamorous Devonshire Club provided the perfect setting for this truly incredible evening.

Celebration of 35 Years of Fashion

In November, we gathered for a private event at Carolina Herrera’s Fulham Road store to celebrate the fashion icon’s anniversary year with a fashion talk and timeless style edit.

Women And Resilience

Our high profile panel, chaired by Telegraph Women Editor Claire Cohen, included:

Jude Kelly CBE, Founder of WOW Festivals

June Sarpong MBE, Media Phenomenon, Author and Social Entrepreneur

Lara Morgan, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Founder of Scentered

Cassandra Stavrou, Food innovator and Co-Founder of Proper 

Fabulous women-led brands came together to support our event and fill our goody bags with treats. Thank you to Mauli Rituals, Merumaya, Propercorn, Scentered, Studio10, The Restory and Malee.

Our five Advice Panelists were available for one-to-one chats and shared business insights during the networking on the night. Thank you to Emma Stroud; Katharine Hibbert, Founder of Dot Dot Dot; Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, Founder of Malee; Nena Chaletzos, Founder of Luxtripper and Fiona Livingston, Co-Founder of StudioFibre.

Meet the Founders

We were very honoured to have three wellness innovators on our panel: Natasha Corrett, Founder of Honestly Healthy; Anita Kaushal, Co-Founder of Mauli Rituals and Stella Photi, Founder of Wellbeing Escapes.

A very inspirational evening with three female founders in the spheres of holistic skincare, healthy eating and wellness travel.

Celebration of Bespoke Design

Guests were invited to have a first hand experience of the process behind a bespoke jewellery piece. The evening was introduced by Heather Kerzner of Kerzner Calliva and guests were welcomed by 12 Hay Hill CEO Simon Robinson. Laura Fumagalli of Gismondi then talked the guests through the process behind an individually designed piece. Gismondi sketcher Anna Balzarini, who flew in from Genoa for the evening, was there to draw and paint designs for the guests. The women were also treated to canapés by Michelin-starred chef Shaun Rankin and champagne by Laurent-Perrier.

In Conversation with Amanda Wakeley

Exclusive evening in conversation with British fashion icon Amanda Wakeley, in association with UK charity Smart Works. In celebration of her label’s 25th anniversary, Amanda Wakeley spoke to The Women’s Chapter founder Michelle de Klerk about the journey of 25 years in the business and what it takes to build a successful modern luxury lifestyle brand in today’s fast-paced fashion industry.

Inspirational Women Afternoon Tea at Cliveden House

Guests rendezvoused at The Draycott Hotel, near Sloane Square before being chauffeur driven to Cliveden House courtesy of Rolls-Royce. At Cliveden, we were hosted for a champagne Afternoon Tea in the private Lady Astor suite ands treated to a talk by Jessica Fellowes, author of A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey. Jessica’s talk referenced the inspirational women linked to Downton Abbey and Cliveden through history. 

Women Innovators and Disruptors

Co-hosted by The Telegraph and The Women’s Chapter, in association with Harvey Nichols London and in aid of The GREAT Initiative

Kelly Hoppen MBE, Founder of Kelly Hoppen London; Julie Meyer MBE, founder of Ariadne Capital; and Anita Barr, retail revolutionary and group buying director for Harvey Nichols, discussed the challenges and triumphs associated with effecting innovation and change at work.

The conversation was led by Telegraph Women’s Editor Claire Cohen and The Women’s Chapter founder Michelle de Klerk.

The venue, champagne and canapés were kindly sponsored by Harvey Nichols.