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Digital Mastermind: 7 Steps to Boost Your Online Revenue in Q4 2021

Our first Digital Mastermind, part of a series run by our new digital partner James Oakley Media.

Co-owned by Lara Morgan and James Oakley, we love their no-nonsense approach to results-driven digital marketing.

During this FREE one hour intensive session, we learned how to boost conversions and increase online revenue for the last few months of 2021. So many of us have had our businesses severely affected by the pandemic, so this interactive mastermind session gave our members real insights and skills around how to claw back on sales and finish 2021 strong.

James shared case studies of businesses he and his team have worked with which have used digital to grow their market share substantially over the last 18 months. There was plenty of time for questions and troubleshooting together.

To James, a massive thank you for your time and expertise. We are very grateful to have this opportunity to work with you for the benefit of our community.

You can access the recording for the mastermind HERE


Date: 8 September 2021

Time: 10am, UK time

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