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How to Own Your Power with Brita Fernandez Schmidt

How to Own Your Power with Brita Fernandez Schmidt, the author of Fears to Fierce.

During this inspirational event, author Brita Fernandez Schmidt shared her story of how she found the courage to harness the power within her to overcome fear and unleash her ‘fierce.’ Fierce is the term Brita has coined to describe the light within us that burns more brightly the more inspired we are.

As Executive Director of Women for Women International, Brita has spent 25 years championing women’s rights across the world, nurturing her own ‘fierce’ and inspiring thousands of others to do the same. And now in her first book, through a combination of guidance, storytelling and practical tools, Fears to Fierce is a rallying call that will inspire you to realise your purpose and potential, ignite your fierce and create the life you have been dreaming of.

During this live online event, Brita will talk about how allowing yourself to be inspired is the greatest gift you can give yourself. She will share insights around how to find your fierce by touching on the three key stages in her book: finding what is meaningful to you, owning your power and understanding how your own transformation can inspire others.

Join us for a deeply moving conversation with Brita around how to redefine your value system and learn you are strong enough to fail.

This event is in partnership with Collyer Bristow, which supports ambitious entrepreneurs, owner-managed and family owned businesses, providing joined-up advice specifically tailored to their needs.

They are proud of their long-standing commitment to female-founded businesses, helping redress the gender-imbalance in the entrepreneurial sector and, as part of this focus, have partnered with The Women’s Chapter specifically to support female entrepreneurs in developing their businesses.

You can access the recording of How to Own Your Power with Brita Fernandez Schmidt, the author of Fears to Fierce HERE.

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