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Legal Masterclass: A guide to estate planning, wills and tax

This one-hour intensive masterclass will demystify the jargon around estates, guide us through the very important elements of planning, and give us guidance on how to protect our family and assets when we die.

This interactive session was led by Tulin Hamit (Partner) and Louise Jones (Associate) as part of our very special partnership with boutique law firm Collyer Bristow.

The Masterclass covers the following:


▫️ Do you have one? If not, do you know what will happen to your estate after you die?

▫️ Brief recap of the intestacy rules

▫️ Why putting a Will in place is essential and how to ensure your wishes are carried out when it comes to executors, protection for your children and tax planning.


▫️ Do you know how much inheritance tax will be payable when you die?

▫️ Have you thought about lifetime giving to reduce your taxable estate?


▫️ The types of lasting powers of attorney.

▫️ Why they are important.

Collyer Bristow supports ambitious entrepreneurs, owner-managed and family-owned businesses, providing joined-up advice specifically tailored to their needs. They are proud of their long-standing commitment to female-founded businesses, helping redress the gender-imbalance in the entrepreneurial sector. As part of this focus, they have partnered with The Women’s Chapter specifically to support female entrepreneurs in developing their businesses.

Watch the recording of our Legal Masterclass in partnership with Collyer Bristow HERE.