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Legal Masterclass: Love, Money & the Law

Join us for a Legal Masterclass to learn how to protect yourself legally around love, and money.

This interactive session was led by Christina Pippas and Christina Pippas as part of our very special partnership with boutique law firm Collyer Bristow.

Relationship breakdown and family problems are never simple, bringing both a financial and emotional cost. It can be even more complicated if you are a business owner or the breadwinner.

During this session, we will be working through a live case study with Christina Pippas and Christina Pippas, two family law experts from Collyer Bristow, to learn how to protect ourselves regarding relationships and money.

We will cover the following family law topics:

▫️ The pitfalls of being the main breadwinner

▫️ What happens if one party has set up a business before or during the marriage

▫️ Protecting your assets – before, during and after a relationship: prenups, post-nups and cohabitation agreements

Meet our speakers:

▫️ Christina Pippas is an Associate in the Family team at Collyer Bristow advising on all areas of relationship breakdown, including divorce and separation, children issues, cohabitation disputes, nuptial agreements and financial claims.

▫️ Laura Burrows has been an associate in the Collyer Bristow Family team for just under 4 years. She advises on all areas of relationship breakdown, including nuptial agreements and finance and children issues.

Watch the recording of our Legal Masterclass in partnership with Collyer Bristow HERE.

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