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Mastermind: How to make your body your best ally

We hosted an insightful masterclass with body whisperer Vanessa Conway, Founder of Feel.Move.Be on how to make your body your best ally in business and in life.

Vanessa Conway specialises in helping women to get their bodies moving freely to feel fit, strong and unstoppable — so they can be in the best condition to support their ambitions and navigate challenges at home and at work.

This one-hour event covered:

– Three myths about fitness and what “fitness” really means

– The importance of developing a real relationship between your mind and body

– How to achieve that mind and body alignment

– The overlooked secrets to getting fit and energised

– How to listen to your body and understand what it needs and when

There was also plenty of time for questions and practical insights.

You can access the recording of Vanessa Conway’s Masterclass HERE

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