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W.Live: In conversation with Rebekah Brown

Let midlife be your superpower!

Meet Rebekah Brown, Founder of MPowder, the world’s first plant-based supplement powder range crafted to target the three distinct biochemical stages of menopause.

Rebekah was turned away by her GP because she was ‘too young’ to have symptoms of menopause. So, she found herself trawling the aisles of the local health food store, staring at a vast range of products and ingredients she knew nothing about. Curiosity cut through the brain fog.

She looked further into the bio-chemical changes the female body goes through in menopause and what vitamins we all need at each stage, regardless of symptoms. She explored the impact and practicality of dietary changes. She researched what herbs and vitamins have seen results in trials and, critically, what dosages have an impact.

Armed with insight, and a growing sense of frustration that women were under-served with honest information and better options, MPowder was born.

Watch Rebekah’s Live HERE.

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