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WomenLed Wonder: In Conversation with Debbie Trumper

We were joined by Debbie Trumper, Founder of Debbie Trumper Consultancy for an inspirational and insightful conversation.

Having worked across all retail environments, Debbie has a complete understanding of all key retail areas and knows what it takes to have a successful brand and business.

As a previous beauty buyer and Chairman of the Cosmetic and Perfumery Retailers Association (COPRA), Debbie has an enviable contact list within the beauty industry across, retail, wholesale and manufacturing and is well positioned to help you and your brand reach its potential.

A regular visitor to many of the industry events and charity fundraisers Debbie is a well-known face within the beauty industry.

We were very excited to talk to Debbie about her journey, the clients she works with and what it takes to make sure a brand is set for long-term success.

You can access the recording of Debbie Trumper ’s WonenLed Wonder HERE

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