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WomenLed Wonder: In Conversation with Maria Tibblin

WomenLed Wonder: In Conversation with Maria Tibblin, Founder of Maria Tibblin Limited.

We hosted an inspirational and insightful conversation with Maria Tibblin, an international hospitality interior designer who creates sustainable, inspiring environments with a keen focus on our health and all five senses.

Before becoming an interior designer, Maria worked in public health, giving her a strong focus on promoting health and wellbeing through the spaces she designs. Through the pandemic, we have become acutely aware of just how valuable our health is.

With this in mind, Maria’s approach considers how buildings and spaces can positively or negatively affect our wellbeing. Maria will be sharing her journey from health professional to running a luxury interior design business.

As a native Swede, Maria’s Scandinavian heritage and multicultural background is reflected in her personal approach to design, mixing simplicity and sleekness with elegance.

Access the recording of Maria Tibblin’s WomenLed Wonder HERE.

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