We CONTRIBUTE 10% from all of The Women’s Chapter income-generating activities to our Pledge*, which is the pot of money we are building to support our chosen charity partners.

We BELIEVE that every business has a responsibility to effect social change and operate in a way that benefits marginalized or disadvantaged communities.

From its inception, we have prioritised giving back and have run events that give either a percentage or all of our profits to charities that support girls and women.

Some of the charities we have supported, and will continue to support include:

We have chosen charities that focus on the NEEDS OF GIRLS and WOMEN from the most fundamental, like sanitary wear and health, to education, career opportunities and business skills.

*Please note that our pledge is not a registered charity, nor social enterprise. It is a fund we are building out of goodwill to support the charities we love. As such it is not regulated.