THOROUGHBRAND is proud to PARTNER with the Women's Chapter to offer holistic digital strategy and advice on all aspects of digital strategy.

Thoroughbrand Digital – founded by Michelle Viar – is a small, but experienced and dedicated team which works across all aspects of Digital marketing.

Thoroughbrand focuses on audience and data first in all that they do, and apply this ethos across all disciplines of digital in which they work, including SEO, SEM, online listening and reputation management, and overall digital strategy. Via their registered proprietary use of technology – known as PAIR – Thoroughbrand ensures you spend as little time and money finding your ideal audience as possible, thereby ensuring results quicker and with less investment.

Thoroughbrand contains big agency experience and marketing intelligence while offering boutique-style attention to detail and costs.

Working with a smaller, specialized team of experienced marketers and brand ambassadors allows their agency to provide intelligent marketing programs with large agency touches without the fees and complications.

Thoroughbrand operates as a distributed team with several offices at their disposal in the core areas they serve, from London or Cardiff in the United Kingdom, to Nashville and Washington, DC in the USA; but no matter where you are, they are always happy to meet. Thoroughbrand works with companies of all sizes, from household blue chip brands to start ups who have an exciting proposition and room to grow.

About Thoroughbrand

A digital strategy anti-agency

Within Thoroughbrand, you’ll find several core programs that help brands realize their missions and obtain marketing success through integrated tactics aligned by strategic insights.

They are not here to bill hours or ensure that every practice area is given work to cover overheads. 

They have no full-time staff. No HR department. There is no glamorous office building with ping-pong tables and gourmet chefs. 

All they have is an elite team of seasoned experts that can be assembled à la carte according to the needs of your retainer or project. Not every marketing or strategy needs design, and not every challenge can be fixed with SEM.

They believe you should only pay for the specialties and tactics required to achieve your goals.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming DIGITAL MASTERMIND

Founder of Thoroughbrand, Michelle Viar, will be running a series of digital Masterclasses.

Do you know your audience? Or do you just think you do?

Michelle will be running a series of sessions, take a look at our events schedule for upcoming events or log in to view past recordings.

The Masterclass will take place via zoom and is free to attend. 

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