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The Unconditional Happiness Workshop with Leadership Coach Rebecca Morley

To help you maximise your happiness regardless of what’s going on around you, we’ve teamed up with leadership coach Rebecca Morley to bring you a masterclass on how to feel happier and more energised at work.

We don’t often create space to think about our happiness and how it affects our enjoyment of work. But, happiness is one of the core elements of creating the energy you need to run a successful business. A successful business coach who works with CEOs and business leaders at some of the fastest growing brands, Rebecca works with her clients to help them build the right mindset and skillset for success.

During this session we will cover the following:

Why you should choose happiness

Some of the most common things that get in the way of our happiness and how to overcome them

The circle of control, and how to reclaim your power over things

Reframing techniques to help you overcome negative events

Taking responsibility for how you feel

How to find unconditional happiness

How to overcome impostor syndrome

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